Boots in the Movies


It Is All In The Movies:

Round-up on the Sherman Ranch
in Geneseo, Kansas

If your boot sole is not right then the soul of the movie is not right. There is nothing more aggravating to me then to see a 19th century period-correct movie and see a rubber sole on the boots of the actor. It’s all in the details, according to The Designers Guild; does the color of the leather match the color board of the movie? Did the leather on the boots pick up the right light and dark reflection of the movie lighting? Did we get the right denier of the leather to fold like the boots of the 19th century boots? Ask yourself, did we get the right style boots for that time and place of the movie? We all have heard the expression “The devil is in the details;” you do not truly understand that until you make good on that.

We can take any of our one-piece boots and make them custom. A custom order requires a quantity of three of one type of boot. Let us design a boot for your 19th century time period in the leather, stitch pattern, heel, toe, and pulls to your look. Please call us and we can work out the details.


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