Texan Boot #603B

The Texan:


This Texan five-point, lone star cowboy boot is right out of John Cubine’s Coffeyville , Kansas boot shop, in what is known today as the Coffeyville style boot. You can find this boot mentioned in: The Log of  a Cowboy, by Andy Adams: “Borrowstone swaggered around camp that evening in a new pair of boots, which had the lone star set in filigree-work in their red tops.” The Coffeyville boot was know to be around by the 1870s and is usually described as not having a specific right or left foot. This boot was constructed from unlined, waxed, flesh-side-out leather, having leather pull straps, a low Cuban heel and slightly rounded square toes. The Coffeyville boot usually had the graft in a different color leather of brown or deep red. Texas cowboys were having stars put on everything. Filigree cut out of the lone stars, crescent moons and horse shoes were the preferred look of the Texan cowboy. Now it’s your time to show your Texas Pride.

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