Top Hand Boot #601 & #601B

The Top Hand:  

This hardworking, American made boot is the right boot for the right time. Whether you are a rancher, Drover Roper, or Civil War re-enactor this boot is made for you. Look for this boot to be in your every day trappings.

A good pair of handmade cowboy boots by the late 1880s would cost from $17.00 to $20.00 dollars. This was a time when most cowboys couldnít afford such boots. This expense took a big chunk of a manís pay. The average wage of cowboys during the 1800s was $35.00 to $45.00 a month, depending upon the manís experience and ability. When living out of a saddle you needed a pair of boots that matched your work.

Our boot looks the part as well as functions for the job at hand, These boots are made with a spur shelf for the working cowboy and a leather sole that grips the stirrups when the work needs to get done. We use a super-soft leather that will not tear up your legs when you are working all day in your boots. Whether you are being beaten down by cavalry, or chased down by outlaws at a SASS meet these boots will get the job done.


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