Trooper Boot #604

The Trooper   

     A well made cavalry boot became the indispensable part of the Civil War cavalry manís uniform. The cavalry man in the southern states, for the most part, enlisted with his own horse, saddle and boots. Some southern states, like North Carolina ís First Cavalry unit, were issued their horses and saddles, but even with that most troopers furnished their own boots.  


     Throughout the 1860s the cavalry boot continued to be copied in hundreds of variations, modified and sometimes improved upon to the level you see here in our boots. The northern trooper had a better chance of finding themselves in an issued pair of boots, whereas in the south, the cavalry man had the opportunity to privately purchase his boots. The boots as shown here in the examples on these pages tell there own story.  

     We made our cavalry boots with a heavyweight leather and leather sole that will stand up to spurs, saber and the occasional horse stepping on your foot. We can also add a leather heel on our boots and hobnails for a period-correct look. The shotgun approach to buying a pair of boots is not always the best way to find the right pair. Taking aim and a little time on the target will get you the best boots for all the shooting you do. The Trooper boot will serve well for Civil War cavalry, SASS or your best living history program .One pair of boots for one great price.  

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